Volunteering Works for career satisfaction

Volunteering Works for career satisfaction

Delivery Leader, Emily Boylan, shares her career journey with Volunteering Matters and Volunteering Works.

Emily Boylan is the Delivery Leader here at Volunteering Works – beginning her involvement as a volunteer around her full-time job and now leads our team to provide employee volunteering programmes for employers across the UK. 

“My journey started with Volunteering Matters (then known as CSV) 10 years ago, at the time I was working for a local authority in London with the Communities and Housing team but had decided I wished to explore a change of sector for my next employment adventure and began reflecting on what or where this might be. I started questioning, what was the one thing I loved to do most, the one thing that had always been present in my life and employments…

My heart settled on the simple fact of helping others. Nothing more, nothing less just the absolute passion and commitment to help others.

After a few chats with a friend of a friend I found myself volunteering for CSV around a full-time job, getting a first-hand feel for the third sector and sharpening my skills and experience at the same time. Of course, more than what I gained from the experience, I was a part of a charity, a team, and a project with one finite mission – to help others! 

I had found my home. My new adventure. My calling as it were. 

Within a year I was officially a full-time employee at CSV.

Fast forward to 2022… 

I am still here, in the place I decided ten years ago was home, so much has evolved over the years, I’ve changed roles a few times but that one golden thread of helping others is as true today as it was 10 years ago. No matter how they’ve changed and grown as a team, the connected energy and willingness to help others and to use their expertise in project management, volunteering, and leading employers to create tangible impact on communities through the power of volunteering in their workforce is the centre point to all that they do and stand for! 

I feels so fortunate to be a part of and to lead a national team of amazing people at Volunteering Works. To be able to, day in and day out help others to be and give the best version of themselves to enable those in society most in need of their support, empowerment, and encouragement to receive it.”

Emily continues to help others and find great satisfaction within her role as Delivery Leader at Volunteering Works.

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