Our Impact

Our Impact

Creating high impact employee volunteering programmes that support our client’s social value goals and meet real community needs.

Each of our employee volunteering programmes offers significant impact for your team, your organisation’s objectives, and the wider community.

Your staff will make a transformative impact on people’s lives, while developing their professional skills and team relationships. By creating lasting positive changes within the local community and for causes they care about, your employees will be inspired and motivated. 

We can provide you with opportunities to show your business’ commitment to social impact and improve staff morale and wellbeing – all while supporting meaningful local causes.

Working with Volunteering Works also offers a unique opportunity to directly support the community impact of our wider charity, Volunteering Matters– it’s a Win/Win!!

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Meaningful Social Impact

The social and environmental impact of companies is increasingly important to customers​ and for winning business contracts.


Skills Development 

Employee volunteer programmes are an excellent opportunity for team building and development in leadership skills.


Employee Wellbeing

Our services can enhance your team’s morale and company loyalty while improving their individual wellbeing. 


Double Impact

By working with us, you will also support social action projects ran by our national charity, Volunteering Matters.

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