Employee volunteer testimonial – Amy Zhang

Deutsche Bank employee, Amy, shares her experience volunteering as an employability coach and workshop team lead for students.

Tell us about your employee volunteer role.

I have been working with Volunteering Works as an employee volunteer for over two years. I’m regularly involved in the mentoring programme, where my role is to provide a Year 11-13 student with bi-weekly coaching sessions on employability skills and/or higher education prospects. I also support with occasional events held for a group of students who are looking to expand their business horizon through activities such as mock business challenges and case competition.

What is the most enjoyable part of volunteering?

The most enjoyable part of my volunteering work is to empower those curious and ambitious students to take ownership of their education and career. I was once one of them and was fortunate enough to have benefitted from the invaluable advice and guidance given by industry professionals, therefore I see the mentoring/coaching programme as an opportunity to give back. It always brings me a sense of achievement when the student I’m coaching tells me that they have learnt something useful from either the 1:1 coaching sessions or group events.

What skills have you developed when volunteering?

I have certainly enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills through my interactions with the students. There is also an element of “teamwork” as it always takes two of us to make sure a coaching session is insightful and worthwhile. In addition, I have learnt to be more adaptable to changes – every student is different, so it’s important to tailor the coaching plan to their needs.

How would you sum up your employee volunteer experience?

I have been enjoying the employee volunteer role (which is why I will continue to be involved!) and would encourage those who haven’t tried to give it a go. The experience enables us to make a positive impact outside of work, which is something I personally value. I’m grateful to work for an organisation that offers such brilliant opportunities where we can support the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and give back to the community we care about, and appreciate Volunteering Works for always being a wonderful partner to work with!

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