Community Partner – Northleigh House

Community Partner – Northleigh House

Volunteering Works sources volunteers for Northleigh House school in Warwickshire.

One of our community partners, Northleigh House School provides a therapeutic learning environment for vulnerable secondary aged children. It was set up by retired couple, Viv, and Fred Morgan in 2012. The school aims to help each young person regain their inner confidence and trust their own potential.

Volunteering Works has sent several teams of employee volunteers from National Grid to support Northleigh House School over the last few years. 

One example is when, in March 2022, a group of 9 employee volunteers undertook a range of environmental and practical tasks such as gardening, composting, and treating the outdoor decking with non-slip paint. These were jobs that the school just would not manage to get done themselves without volunteer support. 

“The volunteers were great, they got so much done and were so friendly and nice. They did a load of jobs that we just were not able to get done! A big thank you to all of the volunteers.

Northleigh House has been open for 10 years now. We would not still be open without the volunteers and that’s no exaggeration! The premises would not be suitable without the work done by the employee volunteers as we don’t have the time, cash, or resources to fix everything ourselves. 

All the volunteers have been superb, including each corporate volunteer team and individual volunteer sourced by Volunteering Works. I cannot speak highly enough of them.” – Viv Morgan

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